Tomer Peretz is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. A painter since his childhood in Jerusalem, his professional career started right upon his (honorable) discharge from the Israeli Army.

Using a variety of media, including oil and acrylic painting, photography, and furniture design, Tomer expresses his unique and contemporary point of view. With an appreciation for both the realistic and the abstract, his breadth of work spans contemporary art, pop art, religious art, portraiture, and animation. Tomer has received many private portrait commissions for celebrities across the world.

In the past six years, Tomer’s artwork has been featured in over 40 exhibitions throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Israel. In 2006-2008, his work was featured at “West Coast Artists”, showcasing artists from all around the U.S.; In 2008- 2009, his art was featured in ‘‘Project Ethos’’, a Los Angeles cultural showcase of painters, photographers, musicians, and fashion designers, where Tomer painted on a female model’s body, in front of thousands of viewers. His paintings have been viewed at clubs from Hollywood (Avalon, Vanguard, Kress, Music Box and Remedy Lounge) to Tel Aviv (Bet HaItonaim and The Breakfast Club). His paintings have been displayed at the L.A. Art Show, H Studio, Apel Design, Bruce Lurie, and Ecletica galleries in Los Angeles, as well as the Art Basel in Miami, and “For the Love of Art” at Tokyo Ice. Tomer’s furniture design has been showcased at the Very Venice Gallery.

A passionate philanthropist, Tomer was a featured artist at the “Love Cures Cancer” benefit, at the Kress in Hollywood in 2009, where he donated his paintings in support of their cause. In 2010, Tomer’s Solo art show in Israel was in collaboration with the “Giving Hope” foundation, a charity that supports children with cancer, and their families. The show, featuring more than 20 paintings, was attended by over 500 guests, including prominent celebrities and Media figures. Most of the paintings were sold, and 100% of the proceeds were donated to the organization. The art show was thereafter moved to Jerusalem, where it attracted additional hundreds of attendees.

In 2012, Tomer launched the “Unbreakable” project, an art show composed of a 25 large-scale paintings and collected artifacts, inspired by his time spent serving as a battlefield soldier and officer in the Israel Defense Forces. This exhibition expresses Tomer’s personal experience of the very controversial conflict in the Middle East. The “Unbreakable” project had gained much exposure and created quite a stir on-line. Real “Kassam” rockets were brought from Israel to the art show which ran for a week and attracted thousands of attendees. Peretz’ Kickstarter campaign successfully raised more than $20,000 for this installation.

Artist Statement

Art, to me, is the ultimate way to take all that is dark, hidden, dangerous and hideous, and turn it to a thing of beauty…

I mainly use oil and occasionally work with acrylic, pencil, charcoal – basically anything I could scribble with. My paintings are mostly large scale, abstract, portraits and figures. My sources of influence are eclectic: My own childhood in Jerusalem, my military service in the I.D.F. and my travels around the world. The inspiration for my work comes from people I meet, places I go, stories I hear… As I walk my path, I let my imagination carry me to other places and capture the moment. I’m also inspired by the Master Artists such as David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol, John Singer Sargent, Salvador Dalí, and more…

Art is the ‘voice’ in which I express myself and communicate with others, and so the subjects and colors I choose change with me. One day I wake up grey and another day I wake up yellow; this alters how I see the world at that instant, thus what I express and share.

In addition to painting, I design and make furniture. I have a passion for parts of old machines, cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. I love working with reclaimed wood and build stuff in industrial style.

My past and my roots play a big role in my work. Being able to express my own perspective about the country I grew up in, has been the ultimate realization of my purpose, and I am honored to share these expressions and emotions with you.